The 12 Week Body Transformation Program

The 12 Week Body Transformation Program


Welcome to the 12 Week Body Transformation Program!

This program will guide you through 12 weeks of training
sessions and meal options that will help you create healthy new
habits and change your lifestyle!



The program includes

  • A one-of-a-kind specifically planned nutrition program
  • Detailed 3 phase Meal plan (get new recipes and guidelines every 4th week)
  • Tasty, easy recipes to make it more fun
  • Personalized guidelines for you to reach your specific goals!
  • Specific nutritional details (calories/macros) if you're interested in counting your macros
  • Advice for you to stay lean and change your habits for the long run!


  • Our specifically created 12 Week Gym AND Home Workout Program, for you preference 
  • 2x Detailed 3 phase Workout Program to optimize your results
  • Fun and challenging training sessions that changes up every 2 weeks 
  • HIIIT and Strength training sessions to gain lean muscle mass and shred fat!
  • A workout Video library including all exercises in the program
  • Access to our private Facebook page "Kit Dales 12 Week Body Transformation" for 24/7 support

Start your journey and don't forget to take your BEFORE picture! Things will get exciting!



*This is a virtual On Demand item, this is not a physical item.

*This downloadable product comes in a zip file containing 9 separate files. Unzip the folder:

On a computer, unzip by downloading the zip folder, place it on your desktop (for example), right-click and click "Extract all". (Some MacBooks' does this automatically when you double tap the zipped folder)

On a phone, there are several ways to unzip the folder. The easiest way according to us is to download an app like WinZip (free). Download the app first, then press 'Download' and 'Open with', choose Winzip. The pdfs' will be saved in your new app. There are several apps for this purpose and you can also choose to open with dropbox/google drive etc. BUT downloading this app will make everything easier.


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