NoGi Passing Masterclass
NoGi Passing Masterclass
NoGi Passing Masterclass
NoGi Passing Masterclass
NoGi Passing Masterclass
NoGi Passing Masterclass
NoGi Passing Masterclass

NoGi Passing Masterclass

Learn How to Pass Anyone's Guard, Without Burning All Of Your Energy, And Keep Doing It, Again & Again!


It's crazy to think that people spend so much time in class shrimping down the mat and drilling submissions, only to spend more time getting swept and triangled when they roll. 


And with the rising popularity of leg locks, passing somebody's guard in Nogi can feel impossible!


In the Nogi Guard Passing Masterclass, I'll show you the simple concepts that I used to earn my black belt in just 4 years.


Concepts that have allowed me to deconstruct my opponent's guard and figure out exactly how to pass them with as little effort possible.


This Is What You Get When You Purchase The Nogi Guard Passing Masterclass... 

  • Over 1 hour of high percentage guard passing concepts: Diving deep into strategy, tips and tricks to help you pass any and all Nogi guards, no matter how hard they try to defend... 
  • How to read your opponent and save your energy: Understanding your opponent's patterns and what they're looking for means you can shut down a variety of guards and pass all day long without getting tired...
  • Rock solid posture: Perfecting your posture means you can stuff any guard entry your opponent tries, essentially, passing their guard before it even starts...
  • The psychology of forcing your opponent to make a mistake, without them ever knowing it: With these concepts, you'll be able to cunningly redirect your opponents' focus, giving them a false sense of security, allowing you to slice through any and all of their defences ... 
  • Battletested concepts: These concepts don't just look good, they actually work! And have helped me win tons of matches in the past, and now they can help you too...
  • The 5 concepts for passing any guard: Why memorise a million techniques with a bazillion steps, when you can easily deconstruct the guard with just 5 simple concepts...
  • The knowledge to adapt: The 'how' provides something that works until your opponent figures it out. The 'why' gives you the knowledge to adapt and problem solve in any situation, allowing you to replicate your success again and again...
  • All the Nogi Guard Passing goodness on immediate download! Meaning you don't have to wait to get the secret sauce!!!
With the click of a button you can instantly get me on your very own computer showing you how to dominate your competition, fast track your Jiu Jitsu, be the envy of your training partners and, more importantly, be a Nogi guard passing machine...

    Download your copy of the Nogi Guard Passing Masterclass today to skyrocket your Jiu Jitsu and your guard passing to the next level!



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