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NoGi Passing Masterclass

NoGi Passing Masterclass


It's time to focus on your NoGi Guard Passing! I'm excited to share with you the newest instructional in the Masterclass series. Now with superior editing and production quality!

With the amount of feedback I get from the Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu Vol. 3 and other nogi instructionals like the Backtake Masterclass and the NoGi Gripping Masterclass I have decided to expand this series and share my ideas and concepts on NoGi Guard Passing.

In this instructional you will learn my approach to passing the nogi guard, how to position yourself properly as well as concepts on what I think are the most important things are when it comes to guard passing!

 "But Kit, I barely care about any of that, what do I get?" Good question my virtual friend! Here are the questions you can expect to be answered:

  • How to establish a good combat base, to not get sucked into the guard?
  • How to break down passing into simpler concepts?
  • How to set up "the pass they don't see coming"?
  • How to harness the power of the mighty underhook?
  • How to manage nogi passing distance?
  • How to avoid common sweeps by replacing posts?
  • How to break down frames that the guard player puts up?
  • How to easily break the de la Riva in nogi?
  • How to practice (NOT DRILL!!) the concepts you will learn in this Masterclass?
  • + about a hundred other questions, including Q&As.

Time to start passing people left and right at your academy &  competition! 

A little taste:


Type: Mp4 (Downloadable) Length: 1hr 20min Size: 1,7 Gb

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