NoGi Gripping Masterclass
NoGi Gripping Masterclass
NoGi Gripping Masterclass
NoGi Gripping Masterclass

NoGi Gripping Masterclass

Do you lose exchanges at the very start

Every single match or sparring has that first moment when grips are established. In NoGi that is no different and we need to learn how to establish grips with proper concepts behind them. This is not the most common or to be honest exciting aspect of grappling*, but it is one that can change the course of your jiu jitsu and your confidence before matches. 

This masterclass was created alongside the Art of Learning Vol. 3 and it is ideal for anyone looking to expand their understanding of how to implement simple and effective strategies for gripping your opponent and really honing your knowledge in what is arguably the most important element of nogi, the grips and controls, the first exchange in any position.

In this masterclass we will have a:

  • Gripping strategies for takedowns, sweeps and guard passing
  • Gripping strategies and tactics from different ranges 
  • Correct methods of engaging your opponent
  • The translation of grips and strategies from gi to nogi

*It's no Back Take Masterclass for example ;)


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