Art of Learning Vol. 3 + NoGi Gripping Masterclass

Art of Learning Vol. 3 + NoGi Gripping Masterclass

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Looking to really improve your nogi game in a well rounded fashion?

 The Art of Learning is my nogi instructional I released after the success of AOL Vol. 1&2. It has a well rounded approach to refining your nogi game which includes concepts, strategies and techniques from all the major positions. In this instructional I seek to give you a deeper understanding of not just what your game should look like but why and how the positions and techniques connect together.

Jiu Jitsu offers a broad set of positions and techniques. My 'Masterclass' series is designed to give a breakdown of certain aspects of the game and really focus on how to improve them.

I'm glad to offer the Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu Vol. 3 AND The NoGi Gripping Masterclass together to provide you with a wealth of knowledge in NoGi Jiu Jitsu.

 Usually these products would set you back $80+ if you bought them separately but for just $69.95 you can be the owner of this bundle offer that will take you nogi game into a new era...

Purchase here to receive your digital download and start testing it out on the mats ASAP!



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