Try this back take the next time someone tries a footlock from 50/50

Good footlock defense is a very good way to save up on tape. Ankles are an area where you need to apply a lot of it if you want to train after that spazzy guy that only has a footlock on him got you with his trick...

If you hit this move, while your coach is watching, he may do a ceremony after class, where he takes off his belt and hands it to you as well as the keys to the academy. 


If you hit it in competition, Flograppling will shut down, because no footage they ever get will match your clip.

Ok, maybe I'm giving this move a lot to live up to, but you should still try it and see how it works for yourself. 

If you want to learn more about this stuff, both from me AND Craig Jones then make sure to download the Backtake Masterclass:


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