The Way a Jiu Jitsu class SHOULD be structured!!!

The way a Jiu Jitsu class SHOULD be structured!!! If you still do front rolls to warm up then this is 100% the video for you!

The way Kit structures his Jiu Jitsu lessons are very different to what you might be used to. In this video you will learn how and why.

Listen to Kit explain to you in detail how he structures his classes using four segments. A warm-up involving body control and awareness, problem solving and thinking.

Then the class! We have the "Explanation phase". Explaining a technique, a position, a way of thinking etc.

The "Experimentation phase". Where the students can play around with the position and get a good understanding of the subject thought through trial and error.

The "Implementation phase". This is where specific training comes in. Live training a specific area.

Followed by a Q&A then free rolling.

Are your training methods at your academy the same? Different? Let us know in the comments below.

If you are curious about Kit's training methods and want to take your training to new heights check out the Art of Learning series and join the thousand other people that benefited from it.

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  • I think the lesson should be structored.
    A) Tactical goal – why I do something
    b) Experimental Phase – what happens? What is opponent doing to block you?
    c) Technical phase – how can we move or time our technique to solve the tactical problem
    d) More experimenting and analysis of different solutions

    Hannu on

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