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The SECRET to getting a SIX PACK

When I was younger all I ever wanted was a six pack. I remember mum buying an Ab Roller after watching an informercial. It was promoted as a way to get a ripped six pack without hurting your back. I spent every night from then on doing at least 1000 sit ups on this stupid Ab-Roller and got nothing apart from some mild head spins.

In fact It wasn't until I was 27 years old that I first got a real six pack and it had nothing to do with that Ab-Roller. What I didn't realise at the time was I already had a six pack, it was just covered in some belly fat. It's not that I wasn't physically active. As I was, I was playing football, jiu jitsu and sometimes dabbling in some weight training. But my diet was letting me down. At the time I thought that as long as I was training hard, I would be ripped! I was wrong. It wasn't until I did my first "diet" that I realised how important diet was with burning fat. Within 8 weeks of changing my diet I had my first ever six pack. But this was short lived as the diet I was on was unsustainable and I soon reverted back to binge eating. The diet was an extremely low fat- and carb diet. Basically I was eating egg whites, salad and lean meats. It was highly effective but also highly uncomfortable. I was always hungry, never felt quite nourished and my mood was continuously fluctuating between angry and pissed!

This continued on for years. I'd jump on a new fad crash diet, get good results, crash and binge eat again, leaving me back to square one on more than a dozen occasions.

The biggest problem was the amount I was eating. Cutting my portion size down so much that eventually I'd put my body into starvation mode (when your metabolism slows down as an emergency protocol to store fat as a survival mechanism, to deal with the possible decline in calorie intake) this is why so many people lose a whole lot of weight, but can't get the last bit of fat off of the stomach.

This led us to create a meal plan that

A) is full of whole nutritious foods.
B.) comes with enough options to cater for preference and different lifestyles, all while avoiding the monotony of eating the same foods daily.

C) have enough energy to avoid slowing down your metabolism and for you to perform your best while continuously getting in better shape.

D) helps you out of the sugar trap and the risk of binge eating.

That's the 80%
Now for the 20%
Here's some exercise I do to build core strength.

These you can do if you have a bar to hang from or a partner to work with.

Grab the bar above you around shoulder length, or wider apart if needed. Let the legs hang down and slowly pull your knees to your chest. Do this as many times as you can for three sets.
If you have a strong core already you can try doing the same but with your legs straight!

Laying on the floor with your head between your standing partners legs. Hold on to their calves and bring your feet up towards them to kick them in the abdomen. Then have your partner catch your feet and throw them back towards the ground. But refrain from letting your feet actually touch the ground and swing them back up toward your partner. Do this as much as you can for three sets.

Laying on your back on the floor, keeping your legs straight raise them up to the ceiling to meet your hands. Leaving only your bum on the ground. Do this for three sets until exhaustion.

Do these three routines at least three times a week and with a good meal plan there is no reason why you can't be cleaning your clothes on your own wash board abs in no time.

if you're interested in getting on our meal plan programs we have one here for men and another for women

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