Steven Seagal inspired grip to Armdrag to Backtake - Russian Gripping Masterclass

What's so similar about Steven Seagal and Kit Dale? Both are great action movie stars. Both are martial arts icons. Both recently realized they might be Russian?!

THIS VIDEO! Inspired in part by arguably one of the greatest martial artists of any generation. A super effective armdrag Kit has been working a lot and it might be just what you need to better your stand up game. 

Watch Kit show you how to begin by controlling your opponents hands to create an opening, drops his stance lower to give him a a better chance of attacking his opponent and creating a very good angle to grab his opponents arm for the SEA...Super Effective Armdrag.


But Kit, what do I connect the armdrag to? We're glad you asked. Learn how Kit connects the body lock to a takedown you most likely never seen before! Regardless if you did or did not see that type of takedown before, Kit's latest product Russian Gripping Masterclass will make you....that guy in the gym that nobody wants to roll with because their grips are "too strong to break and just annoying". (you read that faster and in a different voice didn't you?)

Disclaimer: Viewing the Russian Gripping Masterclass may cause people to avoid you during sparring rounds.

Drop a comment below and let us know if you've seen this takedown before. If not then try it out and tell us know how it works for you.




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