In this video Kit talks about the 2018 NoGi World Championships that he participated in. Here he talks about how he felt, what his performance went like, what went right, what went wrong and the insect that bit him that might have influenced his performance. 

Make sure to watch the video to hear all about it!

*we would like to ask people not to share any of this information with USADA.


If you've known Kit for a while or you just finished watching one of his products, you know he is a big fan of concepts over raw techniques and there is a lot of hype about his stand up game and the grips he uses. (As seen in his matches this past weekend at the NoGi Worlds).

If Kit's matches made you raise your eyebrows then you will not be dissapointed checking out his Ultimate NoGi Pack.


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  • What’s up Kit.

    Congratulations on your performance at the no gi worlds

    Great to see you kicking ass as usual brotha

    Merry Xmas and best wishes for 2019


    Frank Barca on

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