NoGi Guard Passing - Where to start? - (Nogi Passing Masterclass)

Does passing the guard feel like trying to hold down an oily fish...?
Time to get in the water and become the killer whale!
NoGi Passing Masterclass

When you go swimming do you think about each individual stroke or do you just swim? Make your guard passing to be the same.

Maybe you have spent your time trying to learn many different techniques for different situations when passing (i.e. ‘if A happens do B, if B fails do C’). Trying to learn this way, my mind quickly falls into a pit of confusion.

Each situation in passing the guard is always different from the previous to the next. It’s a lot to try and deal with, especially with the slipperiness of nogi.

 The solution to this problem of slippery complexity™ is quite simple. Learn the basic concepts that are common across all the guard passes. Learn how to use the techniques you already know most efficiently. That’s what this instructional is all about. 


What do you get?

  • Over an hour of high quality footage including an in-depth look at how to optimize your approach to NoGi guard passing.
  • Simple, easy to understand concepts behind the most important aspects of passing.
  • Content of techniques, ideas and live sparring.


How can you get the full NoGi Passing Masterclass? (in 3 easy steps)

3 Easy Steps

  1. Click here to go to the product page on
  2. Add the product to cart & follow the checkout to purchase.
  3. Immediately after purchase you will receive a link to download your .mp4 file & a backup copy will be sent to your email. Enjoy :)

NoGi Passing Masterclass


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