NoGi Gift-Wrap Pass/ Backtake - NoGi Passing Masterclass

Does your Mom make fun of you because you cant gift-wrap? Does your coach roast you because you can't pass in NoGi?

Watch this video of Kit and kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

Passing the half guard in festive style.

Use this sneaky and annoyingly strong gift-wrap grip to secure a stable position, hit a backstep, get your leg free and BOOM! You're past the guard and maybe even on the back already.

Hit this in a tournament and you can use #giftwrap to get likes from people that get really into weird Jiu Jitsu related hashtags on Instagram?! 


Dunno about that last part, but definitely have a look at what the NoGi Passing Masterclass is all about! Maybe you want to see a breakdown of  how I use it in action. 

NoGi Passing Masterclass

                                    Get the Masterclass

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