My top tips to dealing with INJURIES


Listen to Kit Dale talk about his experiences and advice on extremely common Jiu Jitsu topic: DEALING WITH INJURIES. It can be quite hard to find Jiu Jitsu people on the Internet talking about their injuries and we don't realize that until we get injured ourselves and need answers. 

Take 10 minutes of your day to watch this video and get some extremely helpful information about common BJJ injuries and share with a friend that might need to hear this!

Have you gone through some serious injuries? Do you think Kit Dale is full of shit? Let us know in the comments section below!


Often times our Jiu Jitsu style may determine how likely you are to getting injured. EXAMPLE: someone playing deep half is less likely to get injured than someone playing lasso/ spider guard, there is a lot of knee movement involved in there. Regardless of styles, if you're looking to be less spazzy and more smooth in your transitions or expand your BJJ knowledge. Check out Kit's most popular product - The Art of Learning Series


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