How to posture correctly to avoid getting swept - AOL vol.3

One of the most important parts to passing the guard and Jiu Jitsu in general is your POSTURE! 
NoGi can give people trouble when it comes to sweeping by controlling the arms as it can get very slippery and becomes easy to break grips by just slipping your arms out so people start to adapt and attack the legs in order to sweep or aggressively start yanking on your heel. (Please do not heelhook white belts, they're people too. Oss!)
Check out this video of Kit showing you what NOT TO DO and how to posture correctly in order to avoid any situations where your opponent can get under your legs and attack a lot more!
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*remember not to heelhook white belts...

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  • U are excellent teacher you have a planning for a very new to jujitsu, i know nothing about it . so whats my next step

    adam on

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