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Kit vs Instructor

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KIT vs Instructor

The following is a hypothetical interview with an instructor, where I question the philosophy behind drilling:

What is a technique?

In mathematical terms it is the singular solution to a problem.

Why do we drill?

To solidify the technique into our muscle memory.

How is that beneficial?

So our bodies react without thinking..

But isn't thinking important in jiu-jitsu?

Yes but we want to react quicker.

But doesn't that leave you open to traps?

It can.

how long does it take to develop muscle memory?

About 3,000 to 5,000

how many techniques are there in jiu-jitsu?

Well it depends.. from what position?

How many positions are there?

Well it depends also... from what area?

Well how many areas are there?

There's Take downs, Passing, guard. Then there's the control positions. So about 15

How many positions are there inside these areas?

Around 25 give or take 10..

wow.. and how many techniques are there in those positions?

Around 100 including variations. give or take 50..

so you're telling me there is about 15 areas of jiu-jitsu that have around 25 positions inside each area, that contain around 100 techniques in each position?

Ah yes.

15 x 25 x 100= 37,000 techniques! And to master a technique takes around 5,000 reps! That's 187,500,000 repetitions. If you could do 500 reps per class that would take 375,000 classes. If you were to train twice a day for a year that would be 513 years. Lets not mention the fact that it takes about 13,000 reps to change muscle memory!

When you break this down you quickly realize that the only option you have is to master a small percentage of jiu-jitsu. Maybe 7% of it if you're lucky.

So what happens is we soon realize in order to control the matches or win we have to force the match into certain area in which we are comfortable. Which makes ones self rigid and predictable. And when you're predictable your timing gets diminished, and you begin to rely heavily on force to successfully use a technique. So you also add a class of strength and conditioning to your everyday schedule. Some even resolve to using steroids and other illegal substances.

You soon realize that this way of learning. Also knows as procedural learning is training the body. But not the mind. It is widely known and accepted among sports psychologists that sport is 10% physical and 90% mental. So then I ask why is 99% of jiu-jitsu schools or even other sports spending 90% of there classes training on the physical elements and 10% on the mental?

Its using an outdated industrial age education system model, that relies heavily or regurgitating answers given to us by a teacher. With no room for the students to think for themselves and artistically flourish. Its backwards and quite frankly inferior.

Luckily there is a much more efficient style of learning the cuts the learning time by 80% or more. And I'm going to teach you step by step why its so effective and how to apply it to yourself. One thing is certain. After learning this you wont ever need to drill anything more than 10 times again.



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