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3 tips on how to burn fat while on the run.

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1) Avoid situations where you may be tempted by junk food by always being prepared. Its hard to
Crave junk food if you're already full of good food! If I'm going to a party where I know will be junk food. I bring my own healthy food. And I eat it regularly to avoid any chance of temptation.

2) If you have no other choice apart from junk food, be smart! Eat a burger without the buns. Don't go for the full meal with extra fries and a shake. Have a burger with extra patties and no buns. They will often have a plastic fork and knife for you to eat it with.

3) A healthy lifestyle is long a marathon, not a race. Understand that we are all human, and can make mistakes or cheat every now and then. It doesn't mean you have failed your diet. It just means that you are human and have hit a speed bump in the road! Accept it and move forward with your healthy change!

If you're interested in making a healthy change inbox me for details on our Easy Guide Meal Plan/8 Week Body transformation program.

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