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Alex Scott On A Conceptual Approach To Jiu Jitsu Training

Jiu Jitsu Training

Alex Scott is one of the top New Zealand black belt competitors, representing Aus and NZ at the Abu Dhabi Pro Worlds multiple times. 

"I've incorporated Kit's conceptual approach to training into my academy's program since the beginning of 2016 and the results have been drastic. I have observed training sessions to be more fun with less injuries and an increase in the uptake and retention of skills for my students.


If you want to get ahead of the curve and unlock a largely untapped area of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training that is only just beginning to be adopted by coaches and athletes then get Kit's conceptual training video. The Art of Learning Jiu Jitsu has so many great tips and insightful advice to improve your game.


 Do you really need to learn more techniques? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to understand the game better, to understand yourself and your opponent's better so you have an advantage in any situation you find yourself in? That is what Kit is offering in this instructional; a new way to approach your training that focuses on the 90% that is your mind and not the 10% physical stuff that is the focus of most instructional's on the market today. " 

Alex Scott

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